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NBD 2023 Is Thrilled To Promote Biomechanics Around the World

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

[Grant From The Biomechanics Initiative, DEADLINE: DEC 15, 2022!!]

Hello Biomechanists Worldwide,

Let’s start with some highlights from recent NBD celebrations… go ahead, click this link and enjoy!

The NBD Grant Season is in full swing right now as shown here. NBD is promoting diversity in Biomechanics with grant programs promoting, women, LatinX, and Black biomechanists along with those of you working in any disability-related endeavor. Grant funds can be used to support your NBD event and also to assist in travel to a biomechanics conference. All graduate students worldwide at any level and in biomechanics or a related field are eligible. 2022 recipients were from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador (their first NBD event), Malaysia, Nigeria, and the United States. Wow, we are worldwide! Please submit your proposals by Dec 15, 2022. We have funded 35 grants the past two years with ~$30,000 thanks to all our generous sponsors. This year, Bertec, Inc, Books of Discovery, and ASB, are directly sponsoring these programs. Remember, you can hold your NBD 2023 event on any day and date that works best for you.

Stay tuned for further information regarding any biomechanics event on our website and Facebook page:

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